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Personalized Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in New York City

When you want to bring back your healthy, full head of hair without the risk of surgery, contact Gloria Wan Hair Design. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to find our customers the right non-surgical hair replacement in New York City—for men and women. We provide superior service for clients throughout the New York City area and internationally.

Our custom hair replacements are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing hair, giving you a full appearance. Our systems are perfect for covering up bald spots or patchy growth, making you instantly appear younger and more confident. And because our solution is non-medical, there is no surgery, eliminating the risks that are associated with surgical procedures.

Additionally, our realistic wigs are indistinguishable from natural hair, making your hair look even more normal. So when you have bald spots or thinning hair, trust Gloria Wan Hair Design to provide the perfect solution to give you a beautiful and full head of hair.

Hair Replacement for Men & Women

While there are many medical hair replacement companies, we offer a non-medical solution. We begin with an initial consultation to learn about your main concerns. Everyone would like to have beautiful hair, and you may want to enhance a thinning area. Gloria Wan Hair Design will review your options and walk you through the process. Our clients expect the best, and Gloria delivers.

Once you're ready to proceed, we begin production of your hair system. It is helpful if the client has some of their own hair to integrate for effective styling. Our consultations are by appointment only at no additional cost to our clients. There are many reasons why clients choose hair replacement. It could be for theater, beauty aesthetics, as well as for medical reasons such as alopecia, chemotherapy, trichotillomania, and hair loss from burns.

No matter why you choose to have a hair replacement procedure, our team will ensure that you are satisfied with your new look. To learn more about our hair replacement procedures, or to schedule your no-cost consultation, reach out to our office.

Contact us when you are looking to replace your thinning or missing hair. We proudly serve our clients locally in New York City, as well as from around the world.