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Attractive Custom Wigs in New York City

Gloria Wan Hair Design offers ready-made wigs that are made of human or synthetic hair. Our stylish custom wigs in New York City are made for fashion as well as for medical needs also known as cranial prosthesis for chemo and alopecia. We combine outstanding customization and an unparalleled level of customer service. Our owner, Gloria Wan, says, "My clients' individual needs are my first priority. They expect the best, and I deliver."

There are many reasons someone may need men’s wigs or women’s wigs. We can offer wigs for aesthetics and beauty. However, we will also provide wigs for those who have lost their hair for a variety of reasons. We can match original lengths, colors, textures, and styles. We do ask that our clients bring in a photo of themselves prior to the hair replacement consultation. During the consultation, we will also offer additional suggestions while guiding you to help improve what you have. Consultations are by appointment only. Gloria Wan Hair Design offers:

  • Hair Systems
  • Hair Design
  • Clip-On Extensions
  • Expert Hair Coloring
  • Custom Designed Wigs
  • Products That Are Sold Specifically for Hair Replacement
  • Hair Integration
  • Hair Replacement
  • Custom Blended Hair Weaving
  • Same-Day Service & Repair
  • Various Types Of Attachments (Clips, Tape, Bonding, Weaving, Dots, Links, & Extensions)
  • Maintenance Of Hair Replacement & Wigs (In Accordance With the Type Of Chosen Hair System & Unique Requirements Of Each Client)
  • A Complimentary Private Consultation By Appointment Only To Determine Which Service Is Most Suitable for You, Taking Into Consideration Your Lifestyle and How Proficient You Are With Your Hair